Frequently asked questions

Which program do I need to use your presets?

Editing with our presets requires the Lightroom Mobile App or a Lightroom desktop version (OSX/Windows ) . If you don’t have Lightroom you can download it HERE.

Are the presets compatible for Mac and PC?

Yes! The presets are compatible with both Mac and PC. You can also use them on your smartphone!

How do I install my presets?

You'll find a guide in your download folder. It will show you how to easily install and use your presets on your desktop or on your smartphone.

How many presets are in one preset pack?

It‘s different! You can find out how many presets are in one pack if you check the detail page of that pack. Some photographers add around 6 presets in one pack, I prefer to work with fewer but with versatile ones which I can easily adjust.

I find my skin to orange when I use your presets, how can I change that?

Go to the “Color Section“ on the right-hand side of Lightroom and play around with “Saturation“ and “Luminance“ of the orange tones to get you perfect skin tones. You can also adjust other colors in here. E.g. I like my blue tones to come more turquoise, so if you installed my presets, you will see the “Hue“ of the blue tones is dragged towards green. And I don‘t like green, so you will see in the presets the saturation of green tones is reduced a lot ! It‘s very easy to change this, by playing with these panels!

I don't shoot in RAW, will the presets still work for me?

Shooting in RAW is recommended to receive the best results! However, the presets also work well for JPG formats. They may look a little bit different than they are supposed to do with RAW, but as we assume in case you‘re shooting in JPG, you‘re not using the picture for professional purposes, you‘ll be very happy with the presets! I personally use the presets on the Lightroom mobile app when I edit my Instagram pictures which are by the way all taken with a smartphone.

Which camera do you use?

I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and mainly 24 –72mm or 82mm 1.2 lens for the blog. However, all my Instagram pictures are taken with an iPhone XS or Samsung Galaxys S10 and edited with these presets (so, again you see, the presets work both, in RAW and JPG).

Can I use the presets on my smartphone?

Yes, you can use our presets in Lightroom Mobile App. You'll find the instructions how to do so in the guide which you receive when you buy a preset pack.

Can I refund my downloads if I don't like them?

Due to the nature of the digital products we sell and the industry’s standards we cannot provide refunds for any reason. Please make sure that you have Adobe Lightroom® and that the version of your software is compatible with our products before proceeding with the purchase.